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Murray Camp has been in operation since 1989. Many of our former campers & counselors are now sending their own children to experience the same wonderful summers that they once did! Below are testimonials from campers and campers' families!

Murray Camp continues to be a treasured Nantucket memory for my three children, now young adults. Our family has been coming to Nantucket since the 1960s. Over the past twenty years, at least one of my children has attended or worked at the camp each summer. Murray Camp has always been able to provide the best that Nantucket has to offer to children. It is a wonderfully balanced, safe and fun place to be during a Nantucket summer.

Tessa D. H. 

Mom of Patrick, Trevor & Tess

Wayne, PA

My three children attended and later worked at Murray Camp. They now each have children of their own. My favorite memory was in seeing how happy they were getting off of the bus each day, excited to tell us about their fun filled adventures, eager to introduce us to their new friends! It was so great! We are quite fortunate as we are now re-living the experience with our five grand children, all counting the days to return to the island to Murray Camp each summer. It remains quite wonderful!

Anne R.
Mom of Louis, John & Bert

Grandmother of Lily. Kingsley, Emmett, Clementine and  Alton
Manhattan, NY

Well, we get to go fishing, sailing, surfing and kayaking. We play basketball, soccer, tennis and even ice skate every week. We make things from clay and even learn how to do printmaking. I think that every kid that goes there doesn't want summer to end because we have so much fun!

Camper AJ

11 Years Old

Newton, MA

My kids loved it! They had such great summers at Murray Camp! 

Tommy H. .
Dad of four former Murray campers
Greenwich, CT

Murray Camp in my assessment is one of the the most enriching environments that my children have experienced. They provide a safe, nurturing experience to children, that I've yet to find  to their degree in any educational setting or program that my children have encountered. The children are enriched through curriculum and activities that have them enjoying the island's very best. There is more laughter and happy memories provided to children through their camp experience there, than I could ever state in words. 

Lynne K. 
Mom of Olivia & Lexi
Scottsdale, AZ

Murray Camp is part of Nantucket's identity! It is the oldest children's summer camp on the island. Two of my children attended the camp through their childhood and both later worked at the camp. They loved it! They met many friends there that they have remained friends with, through today. I can't say enough good things about this camp.

Nancy R.
Mom of Micahael and John
Short Hills, NJ

We are huge fans of Murray Camp! Summers on Nantucket wouldn't be as wonderful as they were without Murray Camp My three children enjoyed every moment they spent at this wonderful camp. 

Ellen M.
Mom of Hannah, Max & Sam
Pacific Palisades, CA

What makes Murray Camp so special is that Mary has the ability to make every parent there, feel as though his or her child is the most important child in her world. It is truly amazing! She has some sort of radar in making sure that she gets to know every child in the camp and sees to it that they are having a phenomenal experience. I haven't met one parent in all of the years that my children have attended that wouldn't agree wholeheartedly.

Jennifer D.
Mom of Matthew & Andre'
San Diego, CA

My favorite time of year is summer, because that's when I get to go back to Nantucket and see all of my friends at Murray Camp.

Camper Jacob

Age 11, Camper since Age 4

Manhattan, NY

My daughter counts the days to Murray Camp opening each summer. She absolutely adores this camp. Their swimming instruction is especially outstanding. Our family has been very impressed! 

Erica V.
Mom of 12 year old Aleah 
Nantucket, MA

I'm impressed that Mary & Chuck are always there, pleasantly orchestrating the smooth, safe, operation of the camp. It makes a difference to me that which ever activity the children are participating in, that there are mature, responsible, educators, overseeing staff and operations.

Laurie W.
Grandmother of Miles
Manhattan, NY

Our family chose Murray Camp year after year for our children because of the thoughtful attention to detail Chuck and Mary put into hiring their staff. Each year we could count on our children spending the day with attentive, qualified, outgoing, loving, fair and FUN camp counselors, who have been fully screened and hand picked by the owners. Our children wished the camp day would go on well past 3 pm. It is a phenomenal camp!

Lis P.
Mom of Kathryn, Drew & Nicky 
Bethesda, MD

Murray Camp Nantucket

Established 1989

by Educational Psychologist Mary Murray



PO Box 3437

Nantucket, MA 02584

All Images Courtesy of Olga Moroz

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.