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A Summer Camp

for All...

We understand that camp tuition may not be affordable for every family. If you would like to have your child/(children) attend Murray Camp but require tuition assistance, please inquire with a confidential e-mail. 

Due to the generosity of our camp families, Murray Camp has potential funding access, specifically for children of families with significant financial challenges. Priority is given to campers having additional health or special needs' challenges. Please note that scholarships are awarded to families on a financial need-basis and as such, certain documents are required to be secured and reviewed  prior to being considered for financial assistance.

Support the Murray Camp Scholarship fund!

Murray Camp's scholarship fund is supported by current and former camper families as well as former campers' themselves. There are many children on the island that would love to experience the fun and excitement of Murray Camp. If you are interested in becoming a personal or corporate sponsor, please contact us at: .

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