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Counselor in Training opportunities & ages of staff (Licensing mandated) 




                 CIT Ages: 13 & 14 

* Requires CIT- Camper registration,  physical examination and immunization record.

* Acknowledgement that cell. phone usage when supporting children during the camp days is not permitted without administration approval, during a scheduled break time. 


* Current first aid and child CPR certification

------------------------------------------ Junior Counselor & Counselor (Staff) Ages:

*At age 15 minimum, students may apply for Junior Counselor positions

*At age 16 minimum, students may apply for counselor positions.

* At age 21 minimum, applicants may apply for coordinator positions


              C.I.T. Benefits:


*Challenging age to keep young teenagers in a fun and positive supervised environment

* Similar age peers; new friendships

*cell phone usage not allowed during the camp day 

* Supervision including education on child development

and strategies to promote children's self confidence


* Special Education Training including understanding Individual Education Plans and various disabilities 


* Laws regarding children's safely and mandated reporting including neglect and abuse laws


* Opportunities to create and initiate fun activities for campers 


* Extensive supervision with an educational psychologist 


* Counselor in Training experience is appealing to colleges 

* Counselor in training experience builds self advocacy skills


* Responsibility  and maturity increased from being in the role of a supervised authority figure, camper.

* Young teens love the experience of being a counselor in training

* Majority of our CITs flourish in to becoming confident, future Murray Camp counselors who are skilled in caring for and entertaining young children quite well! 

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