August 8,2021 camp update:

Greetings Camp families, With recent reports of  the Delta Covid variant surfacing throughout the country and on the island, we have continued our  following preventative plans and protocols: 

I am in close contact with the health department (Board of Health) on the island, who licenses our camp, annually. There is a five day period post exposure to someone testing positive to the new Delta Covid variant, to show accurate test results. Please do not send your child to camp if they have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for Covid or is awaiting testing results. The PCR test administered by the Corttage hospital is reported to be the most accurate test. I have personally heard of many false negaive results with test results from other testing sites/ kits.  Fortunately not of any camp children. 

We have not required new campers' documented Covid test results at this point, but will if it is recommended by the Board of Health. 

We are mainly outdoors including having four open air covered  pavilions.  The children are required to wear masks any time that they are indoors including in the camp building's bathrooms. Also while on the bus, vans, skating rink, Casino open air theatre, etc..

Campers are routinely instructed to wash their hands and/or provided hand sanitizer prior and post eating and using restrooms. . We have had the camp sterilized daily by a commercial cleaning company on the island since opening in June. The bus and vans are olso sanitized daily.  In the event that heavy rain is expected for any extended day's time, we will be calling camp off on the prior evening by 8 pm.  Camp groups are in three age groups with further group cohorts, within these age groups.  

We are monitoring the situation closely and respectfully appreciate you confidentially reaching out to us at anytime. Please do not send your child/chldren to camp while they are exhibiting any signs of illness.  If we judge that they are showing signs of illness during this fragile time, it is vital to pck them up immediately post receiving a call from us and seek medical attention for a proper medical assessment.  We have a Covid tent  and private bathroom for usage by any children showing signs of illness while at camp.  Children who present as ill will wait in the Covid tent supervised  by one of our assigned health supervisors until parent pickup, which we ask be within 30 minutes or receiving a call for notice that your child is appearing ill. I will post any new developments regarding updated information on this home page of our camp's website;  Let's all stay healthy and enjoy the remainder of the summer with responsible behavior in protecting the campers, staff, the Nantucket community and ourselves from exposure to this Delta variant. We are explaining this responsible behavior to the children on Monday mornings in a develipmentally approriate manner. We really have to applaud their efforts. 

We have had a wonderful six weeks of camp and maintained no Delta variant covid breakouts to date, so are optimistic that we will finish our last two weeks strong! Again, please do not hesitate to email or call anytime and I will get back to you asap. If it helps at all, I want to let all of you know how enriching your child/children's experience of has been for them as well as for all of the staff and administration this summer after such a historically horrific year. We have and, will continue to cherish every moment of it!   With an intelligent respect for science, we will arrive at an improved understanding and respect for this virus. We will hopeully come to an understnding that our behavior choices will support us in eventually putting it far behind us. Listen to your children as their innocence and excitement about tomorrow will guide you well. 

Our location is at ; the  Nantucket Lighthouse School, located at 1 Rugged road ( off of Fairgrounds Road).  In the event that you are thinking about remaining on island this academic year,  I strongly recommend that you check it out as it shares my philosophy in educating the whole child and understanding the vital importance of enrichment in flourishing happy inquisitive children. I believe that this nourishment opens the gates to academics' flourishing. I am quite impressed with their focused  philosophy. 

In addition to the school interior, we have• numerous outdoor pavilion  open air classrooms,• an expansive greenhouse and garden, •a playground,• the Delta Fields ( 4 hours daily)   We also have access to  a  sparsely used bike path next to the Lighthouse School so  are implementing optional short bike trip outings this summer for our Starfish and Senior programs, with ice cream treats meeting our future Tour deFrance  participants at various locations.   We have secured two private rental  times for ice skating each week, three weekly sessions at the Jetties tennis courts,  weekly Dreamland theatre live show tickets, two morning sessions with Ack Surf surfing school  (Gavin along with numerous  former campers teaching) at Nobadeer Beach,  two to three weekly  Endeavor sailing instruction  trips ( We love Captain Jim!), Absolute Fishing Vessel trips ( we love Captain Brian, too!). 

 Sorry for the  extensive run-on sentence!   I am also working with Shearwater Excursions  ( my dear friend Rachel) to continue our educational trips to Great Point  to visit and learn about the native Gray seals. We will continue to host our Art classes using  various mediums (especially clay, which is so great for children of all ages), dance and yoga classes ( thank you Olga!) , sports instruction including soccer, volleyball, basketball ( our favorite!) and lots of field games! We have reached capacity but feel free to place your child/children's name on our waitlist as plans do change and spaces do often become available.  Please never hesitate reaching out! 

Mary T.  Murray-Bruno
Camp Director / Educational Psychologist

 We will continue to work closely  with Maria Mitchell, and the Nantucket Historical Association  to continue to access all of their great programs. Unfortunately,  the Nantucket Community Pool will not be reopening to groups until the fall, so we plan to provide our swimming curriculum at bay beaches in small groups,  which we did years back and was always successful. The campers had always enjoyed it as much as the pool and the outdoor component is ideal for an environment hosting ocean air, at this time.  Almost all of our staff are lifeguards.  So far, we believe that it has been working  quite well under the supervision of our Water Safety Instructor, Seamus. 
We will  continue to be hosting a staggered groups' drop off and pick up times , as parents continue to be required to remain in their vehicles at drop off and pick up times. 


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